About Us

Modex is a mortgage recruiting and research platform dedicated to empowering both loan officers and employers with technology and data transparency to create better employer-employee connections. Users of Modex can filter and search, research, and connect with each other in real time.

Modex creates value by aggregating mortgage production data from a variety of public, third-party and validated user-generated sources and making it available to both loan officers and mortgage companies. This allows employers to source the right loan officers, whether that be based upon production, experience, or company match. Loan officers have a more transparent employment process empowering them to negotiate the very best offers available.

Modex is fueled by the need for more transparency in the mortgage banking employment space. Modex is patent pending and is driven by a team that include both mortgage and technology professionals in the Greater Seattle and San Diego areas.

Headquartered in Seattleā€™s thriving technology corridor Modex intends to revolutionize the search and matchmaking process for loan officers.