What is a Modex Score?
Modex Score

A Modex Score is a proprietary performance indicator into the profitability of a loan officer in their area of business.

Using a scale of 0 to 100, a Modex Score looks at the profitability of a loan officer against their peers in their geographic area. To generate a fair score, we look at loan officers in nearby geographic areas. A Modex Score takes several months of loan volume, professional experience, regulatory action, and a variety of other factors into account. Modex Scores are generated on a monthly basis.

The Modex Score is a great indicator of a loan officer's productivity and profitability. For recruiters, it's a useful metric in determining how that loan officer may preform in your organization. For loan officers, it can be used to rank yourself against others nearby and see how 'employable' you are. For consumers, it has the potential to be an indication of the quality of loan officer. If you have more questions, visit our support page.